The Sons of the Silver Dollar were formed in 2005 as a performing vocal group at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.
Their repertoire includes cowboy songs, bluegrass, comedy, and southern gospel.
The members of the group are "Timbuk" Tom Johnson, Mark "Hoss" LeTourneau, and "Babyface" Jim Ellis.
While the group does perform off-park from time to time, you can enjoy them in concert at Silver Dollar City
mid-March through late October.

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Tom Johnson

was born and raised in the north country of Wisconsin. He is the second of five children born to a Scandinavian couple who lived in Superior, Wisconsin most of their lives.  Tom found his way to Missouri in the early 70's to attend the College of the Ozarks where he received a BA in Religion and Philosophy.   Missouri has become his home and, for some reason, he doesn't miss the cold, snowy winters of the northland.

Music has always been a part of Tom's life but singing and performing has filled his time since 1993.  Musical theater is his venue of choice but he is having a great time entertaining from the music stage.  He played the role of "Judas" in the epic musical, "The Promise," for seven years and has been a part of Silver Dollar City's entertainment department since 2001.  He played the Confederate Colonel in SDC's original musical, "For The Glory," as well as portraying both Bob Cratchett and Ebeenezer Scrooge in the park's adaptation of  Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol."

He sings baritone/bass and enjoys the tight harmonies of the group best.

By the way, the term "Timbuk" comes from Tom having moved from so far away.

Mark LeTourneau

began his music education at seven years of age. Throughout the years he has gained knowledge from a diversity of musical experience; touring nationally with several music groups (including one of his own), being Minister of Music for several major church denominations for over 15 years, touring internationally as a soloist for 8 years, appearing in several stage productions and two operas, directing seven musical stage productions, and producing eight solo and duet (with his sister, Sherrye) recordings. He has also made several television appearances.

Mark has a Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance from Toccoa Falls College and is an ordained Minister. He and his wife, Debbie, have been married for 38 years and have three children; Dawn, Tony, and Adam and two grandchildren, Nolan and Victoria.

He is still trying to figure out why everyone calls him "Hoss"!

Jim Ellis

was practically born with a microphone in his hand. He began singing at home before he was walking and began singing publicly when he was seven. As a young teen Jim began formal music training and began using his talents in church more readily. He started leading worship in high school and singing in Christian groups, a practice that continued through his college years. Jim went to Central Bible College in Springfield, MO in 1988. In 1990 he married Colleen and they began their ministry together upon Jim's graduation in 1992. Since that time they have had two children, Quenton (1996) and Kiana (1997), and have ministered on staff in seven different churches throughout the United States as Youth and/or Music Minister. In 1995 they traveled together as Sing Sign Ministries, touring the south eastern states and ministering in several different churches. Prior to joining the Sons, Jim was a member of the cast at Sight & Sound Theatres in Branson, MO. His unofficial nickname is

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